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March 23, 2004



When this screened at the NYFF about a third of the audience got up and left. There's virtually no dialog, it's pretty much in real-time, and there's not much plot-wise. However, it is a thing of beauty, and a moving tribute to the act of going to the cinema.

Tsai Ming-Liang was present at the screening, and he told how the project came about. He was walking home one night, and noticed that this great theater that had been around for years was going out of business. He wrote the scenario in a couple of weeks and shot the film in just a few days.

Great that you're getting the chance to see it.


I just found out Goodbye Dragon Inn is screening at the San Francisco International Film Festival in April. Phew, I was beginning to wonder about the film festivals in this town.


Thanks! I do remember, now that you mention it, being really disappointed that Goodbye Dragon Inn didn't play at the San Francisco Internation Asian Film Festival this year.
I'm curious to hear more about it - there seems to be little interest in the press towards this film. Do you know if there's a chance it'll be released nationally?


Very nice post about What Time is it There, and a very interesting film blog as well. Glad I came across it.

One minor correction -- Tsai Ming-Liang's latest feature is actually Goodbye Dragon Inn which sadly has only played once in the US, at the New York Film Festival. It's his most stripped-down film, but it's a real masterwork.

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